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Help your nonprofit to grow in self-awareness, improve your relationships and encounter Jesus.

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If your relationships aren’t healthy…
  • You feel confused and frustrated
  • Your nonprofit is wasting energy on unproductive conflict with each other instead of using it on making your mission succeed
  • You’re losing people to other nonprofits that have healthier cultures
And that leads to sleepless nights filled with shame and anxiety. We don’t want that for you. The team at RelateBetter has helped thousands of people build better relationships. Our tools will help you too. 

How can RelateBetter help your team build a more effective work culture and become more successful in your mission?

RelateBetter offers 3 workshops to help your nonprofit:

The Nine Types: An Introduction to the Enneagram & the Gospel

What is your relational style?
How is the way you act, think and feel shaping your life?
• Understand your personality and the personalities of others
• Explore your distinct approach to relationships
• Discover how Jesus empathizes with and heals your unique core wound
• Interpret the Enneagram through the gospel story
• Maximize your learning in an environment that uses verbal, visual and written aids
• Create your custom "Enneagram Cheat Sheet" to use with friends and coworkers

The Enneagram in the Workplace

How does your personality impact your work?
How can your team thrive and be successful?

• Learn how your personality informs your working style
• Identify potential conflicts and solutions with coworkers
• Understand how you function both as a supervisor and when supervised
• Locate key issues that you can address to develop as a leader and team player
• Understand your team's dynamics utilizing RelateBetter's one-of-a-kind Enneagram Overlay that predicts the number one interpersonal reason keeping your team from greater success


How has the story you’ve lived shaped your life?
How is it continuing to influence you today?

• Learn why your life story is the KEY to correctly understanding your Enneagram
• Understand how the unique story you’ve lived has shaped your personality
• Learn how to look at essential moments in your life for evidence of God's presence
• Receive dedicated time to uncover the top turning points of your early years of life
• Get early access to RelateBetter's brand-new digital mapping process

How can RelateBetter help your team grow in self-awareness and develop relational intelligence?

Gain clarity quickly with our one-of-a-kind enneagram reports!

Get your Team Optimization Report!

What are your team’s greatest personality strengths?
How can you predict problems before they happen?

• Book a workshop and get access to RelateBetter's one-of-a-kind Team Optimization Reports
• Understand your team's strengths and weaknesses
• Compare your similarities and differences
• Identify the most urgent vulnerabilities threatening your team's success
• Receive customized coaching tips based on your team's data
• Identify next steps to help fine tune your team to thrive together

How will RelateBetter help your nonprofit improve their self-clarity, their relationships with each other and increase your mission’s success?

“It was culture-transforming. I can't exaggerate how different the team was before and after.”

MikeDepartment Leader

“The best workshop I've ever attended!”

CrystalFortune 500 Leader

“I've never heard an approach to the enneagram so saturated with the gospel!”




Our workshops keep the gospel at the forefront.

Our workshops explore the enneagram, life mapping and relationships from a biblical worldview. RelateBetter loves to see our workshop attendees walk out with a fresh excitement for the gospel, Christian community and living as disciples of Jesus. We’ve helped people within churches, nonprofits and ministries build healthier relationships with God, others and themselves and we’ll help yours to do the same!


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Custom workshops are available upon request.