At RelateBetter, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be great at relationships.


Whether at home, work or church, you want to enjoy honest, trusting and loving relationships with others. In order to be that way, you have to learn new ways to relate. The problem is you only know one way to be YOU. You’ve used all the tools you have and some of your key relationships are still at an impasse or even getting worse. You feel confused, anxious and frustrated. We DO NOT believe this is what God wants for you! No one should suffer from unnecessary relational dysfunction when Jesus has made it clear that the purpose of life is relationships. 

We know what relational crazymaking, unproductive conflict and loneliness feels like because we’ve experienced it ourselves. It’s horrible! This is why we’ve helped thousands of people learn how to build better relationships with God, others and themselves. With over a million streams of our podcast and over a decade of leading workshops, we’ve helped everyone from friends to married couples to Fortune 500 companies learn how to build better relationships.

Here’s how it works: First, get the tools. Whether you’re doing a self-assessment, learning about the enneagram of personality, doing life mapping or using our conversation cards, our simple-but-highly-effective tools will give you fresh insights into your relationships. Second, put the tools to work. Apply your new wisdom in your interactions wherever you go. Third, enjoy better relationships! Experience more of the clarity, mutuality and joy you’ve been looking for!

So, sign up to get your free resources now! Stop living in constant frustration and losing precious time stuck in dysfunction when you could be enjoying a life full of vibrant relationships!

Why? Because the purpose of life is relationships.


Our mission is to provide simple but highly effective tools to help people grow in relational health, self-awareness and experience more meaningful relationships with God, other people and themselves. Our vision is to provide assessments, tools, teaching and coaching to individuals, communities, churches and corporations to build better relationships.

RelateBetter was launched by the nonprofit Love Thy Neighborhood, Inc in April 2023 as a vehicle for all of its relationship coaching. 

Our podcast, The EnneaCast, was launched in 2017 to explore the enneagram from a Christian perspective. This free resource has provided longform series on Enneagram 101, How Do I Change?, Life Story, Workplace Relationships, Desire and How Personality Shapes Our Faith. We’ve had popular guests such as Dr. Russell Moore (Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today), Phil Vischer (The Holy Post, VeggieTales), Sharon McMahon (@sharonsaysso), Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping at Last) and Kendra Adachi (The Lazy Genius Way). We’ve also interviewed therapists such as Dr. Dan Allender, Dr. Curt Thompson (The Soul of Desire), Dr. Allison Cook (The Best of You), Aundi Kolber (Try Softer) and Adam Young (The Place We Find Ourselves). 

In January 2023, our Founder Jesse Eubanks released his book How We Relate: Understanding God, Yourself and Others Through the Enneagram (Zondervan Books/HarperCollins Christian). Publisher’s Weekly called it “an ideal primer for Christians curious about the enneagram”. 

The team at RelateBetter leads public and private enneagram workshops for a variety of audiences – from small gatherings to churches to large corporations. Our approach to the enneagram has a unique emphasis on the character of Jesus and ensures that attendees of our traditional workshops encounter the gospel.

However, while RelateBetter does approach our teaching from a Christian perspective, we also offer a corporate edition of our workshops that removes the vast majority of religious language. This version of the workshops is appropriate for diverse business settings and diverse teams. One Fortune 500 leader referred to these as “The best workshop I’ve ever attended!” 

RelateBetter also offers conversation starter cards and a life mapping workbook. We are currently developing a variety of innovative assessments and video courses.