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Some claim the enneagram comes from ancient Christians while others claim it’s from demons. Is the enneagram a gift from God or a Trojan horse of self-deception? Three stories of people who discover shocking truths about the enneagram that lead them to unexpected places.



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Videos and podcasts referenced in this episode

Jackie Hill Perry full video

Cultish Podcast episode

Full video Michelle saw with Doreen Virtue

Full video of Claudio Naranjo’s automatic writing comment


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Special thank you to our interviewees Michelle Nebel, Tyler Zach, and Lindsey Lewis.

Senior producer and host is Jesse Eubanks co-host is Anna Tran.

This episode was written by Jesse Eubanks and Anna Tran.

Anna Tran is our producer and audio editor.

Music for this episode comes from Blue Dot Sessions, Lee Rosevere, and Podington Bear.