The Nine Types Cohort

A 6-week online small group starting February 19th

1. Explore Your Enneagram and Life Story
2. Ask Your Questions in Real-Time
3. Enjoy Better Relationships


  • Do you ever find yourself listening to the EnneaCast and wishing you could discuss your thoughts in real time?
  • Are you torn between which core enneagram type you are?
  • Do you want to understand how your life story intersects with your enneagram type?
If this is you… Join Lindsey Lewis of The EnneaCast for our first ever Nine Types Cohort – a transformative 6-week online series starting the evening of February 19th, 2024.

How can this cohort help you?

This 6-week cohort is a small group designed to bring clarity and healing.


Mondays starting February 19th, 2024
7-9pm EST

Week 1: Mapping Your Life Story: What is the story I have lived?
Week 2: The Enneagram: What is the personality I have formed?
Week 3: The Enneagram: The Nine Types
Week 4: The Enneagram: The Nine Types
Week 5: The Enneagram: The Nine Types
Week 6: The Enneagram: How can I experience better relationships?

Mapping Your Life Story

How has the story you’ve lived shaped your life?
How is it continuing to influence you today?

• Learn why your life story is the KEY to correctly understanding your Enneagram
• Understand how the unique story you’ve lived has shaped your personality
• Learn how to look at essential moments in your life for evidence of God's presence
• Receive dedicated time to uncover the top turning points of your early years
• All participants receive a copy of "Mapping Your Enneagram Story" by Jesse Eubanks

Explore the Enneagram & the Gospel

What is your relational style?
How is the way you act, think and feel shaping your life?
• Understand your personality and the personalities of others
• Explore your distinct approach to relationships
• Explore childhood messages, unconscious desires, the True and False Self + More!
• Discover how Jesus empathizes with and heals your unique core wound
• Interpret the Enneagram through the gospel story
• All participants receive a copy of "The Nine Types" by Lindsey Lewis & Jesse Eubanks


Space is limited to 10 people.


6 Weeks
Mondays starting February 19th, 2024
7-9pm EST
Online Only
2 workbooks included
Teaching + Interpersonal Discussion


Cohort guided by Lindsey Lewis, Host of the EnneaCast and double certified Enneagram coach


Cost: $250

Praise for RelateBetter’s workshops:

“It was culture-transforming. I can't exaggerate how different the team was before and after.”

MikeDepartment Leader

“The best workshop I've ever attended!”

CrystalFortune 500 Leader

“I've never heard an approach to the enneagram so saturated with the gospel!”



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