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How to be intimate

How to ask a girl for sex  

Sexual intimacy covers the ability to initiate sexual relationships as well as refuse an unwanted sexual advance.

People deploy a range of strategies to initiate sexual intimacy-for example, showing interest, being attentive, using touch, asking directly, spending time together, visiting your partner unexpectedly etc.

If you are willing to have sex in an early encounter, make sure you are prepared.

Here are some basic dos and don'ts about how to be sexually intimate.

Keys to Sexual Intimacy
Make the setting romantic Act like Terminator
  Get to know your date    Engage in unsafe sex   
  Spend time together   Give out mixed signals
  Act interested   Get drunk
  Let things proceed at their own pace    Feel pressured into having sex
  Refuse unwanted advances   Make your partner feel small


For more advice on how to have sex with girls, watch this short video by Kezia Noble.