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How to be cool and confident

Importance of confidence in dating  

If you are being interviewed for a job or giving a presentation, it is important to come across as confident. Dating is essentially a mutual interview for a relationship and your partner will be influenced by your attitude and confidence.

Dress up, prepare for your date, think ahead about what you are going to talk about, keep the conversation light and positive and let things proceed at their own pace.

Performance is always enhanced by preparation.

If you are recovering from a previous relationship, talking about your ex is a real turnoff.

Remember that it is perfectly natural to feel nervous before a date just as it is before a job interview. In fact, a certain level of tension is a good thing because it will make you more alert.

Here are some basic dos and don'ts about how to act confidently and be cool.

Keys to Being Cool and Confident
Act confident Talk about your problems
  Keep the conversation positive   Talk about your ex 
  Talk about things that make you feel good   Act all nervous and flustered
  Be optimistic about the future   Start acting depressed
  Radiate enthusiasm   Lie about your past 
  Put bad experiences behind you   Get into an argument


For more advice on how to present self-confidence, watch this video by Matt Hussey where he talks about confident female mindsets that drive guys wild.