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relationship advice

Reviewing things

"Honor your wife's/partner's dreams"

Relataionship Advice and Marriage Counselling   

If you have both followed the program and done the exercises, you should already be seeing a significant improvement in things.  You should celebrate your improved relationship because it takes time and effort and commitment to change behaviors and turn around a relationship.

You should not get off the program at this point, however, because if your relationship has got better, it is certain that it could be even better than it is now.

Improving relationship skills is like improving any other skill in life--it has no end-point and you should get into a cycle of acquiring new knowledge and skills and continually improving your relationship.

You can do this in a more informal and leisurely way than we have done in this program.

Periodically, find a little time as a couple to exchange views about your relationship and whether it is going in the direction you hoped.

The psychology of elite performance in business, public service, politics, sport, and the arts teaches us that people who are the best performers continually set themselves new goals and challenges.

So if you as a couple want to enjoy the best possible relationship, you should do the same.

Finally, watch this fantastic clip from relationship expert John Gottman about how to improve your marriage/relationship in 30 seconds.