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Signs of a healthy relationship

Sharing responsibilities 

Importance of sharing responsibilities in a relationship 

In a successful relationship, the partners discuss and agree their respective roles and responsibilities and they share household work activities such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

This also applies to child rearing if the partners have children. Sharing means accepting influence and being prepared to adapt and change. In marriage, a husband's willingness to accept influence from his wife is crucial because women adapt for men.

Sharing, Planning and Initiative

Here are some things that you can both do to ensure that you each do your fair share of household work in the relationship:

Discuss how to share responsibilities in order to make life less difficult for each other and function as an effective team.

Review what you each have on at the start of the week and what this means for who does what.

Use lists and post-it notes to remind your partner what needs to be done.

Allow your partner to carry out their share of the work in their own way.

If you see something that needs to be done, do it yourself rather than waiting for your partner to do it.

Invite feedback on whether you are doing your fair share, and what additional things you could be doing to support your partner.

Watch this video by Michele Weiner-Davis about a subtle way of influencing your partner.