FREE Relationship Improvement Program

This 6-step relationship improvement program is based on the science of personal relationships.

Step 1 gives you a very simple measure for assessing the quality of your relationship and improving it based on the work of Dr John Gottman from the Gottman Relationship Institute. Dr Gottman has written numerous best-selling books on improving relationships.

Step 2 goes into some principles about how couples who have very successful relationships manage their conversations and interactions and give each other feedback. It also describes the behaviors that Dr Gottman finds cause people to get into fights and prevent them for resolving differences. He calls these The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Step 3 gives you access to's relationship assessment health check which has been taken by over 150,000 people across the world. This health check provides an objective and scientific assessment of twelve dimensions of your relationship covering how well your relationship is working in two important areas--interaction and support, and sex and romance.

Step 4 shows you how to use your relationship checkup report to identify, discuss and agree the main problem areas in your relationship, and come to a shared understanding of what to focus on to improve things.

Step 5 shows you how to translate broad areas for improvement into concrete actions that will make a real difference to the quality of your relationship and to your health and well-being.

Step 6 encourages you to reward yourself for doing the program and making improvements, and encourages you to set yourselves new improvement goals and challenges.

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