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Positive dialogue

Follow these simple rules of positive interactions

Importance of having positive conversations   

Follow these simple guidelines about how to have positive discussions and conversations with your partner and you will experience a huge improvement in your relationship and in your sense of well-being.

These rules also apply to the conversations and discussions you have with your colleagues at work and your friends. Yes, it is that simple, but it is surprising how often people are not able to behave in the way described below.

  Rules of Positive Dialogue
  Use these techniques in your conversations and discussions

1. Avoid criticizing your partner's personality, acting as if you are superior, being defensive, or stonewalling.

2. Use "yeses" as much as you can and build on your partner's ideas and suggestions--for example, "yes and" instead of "no but". Look for the positive in each other.

3. Be open to feedback and communicate your views and feelings sensitively and affectionately.

4. Show that you care by looking at and really listening to your partner and acknowledging their feelings and concerns.

Difficult Conversations

Now watch this video about how to handle difficult conversations with sensitivity and love. Try the techniques with your partner.