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How to be social and outward going


Are you extravert, outgoing, fun-loving and humorous? Or are you introverted, reserved, distant and remote? Do you suffer from shyness and social anxiety?

Most people are neither very extravert nor very introvert but somewhat in between these extremes. Whatever you personality traits, social skills are important in dating.

If you have good social skills, you will not only get dates more easily but the partners you date will find you a pleasure to be with.

Here are some basic dos and don'ts about how to be social and outward going when you are dating.

Keys to Being Outward Going
Accept invitations to social events Refuse invitations to go out
  Participate in social events   Stay in the background at parties
  Get yourself out and about   Expect other people to approach you
  Join clubs or classes to meet people   Stay at home waiting for the phone to ring
  Do new things where you are likely to meet people   Be unfriendly 
  Broaden your social network   Do nothing


For more advice on how to be more extravert and gregarious--"acting like the mayor"--watch this video by the Seductive Influence University.