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relationship advice

Signs of a healthy relationship

Acting like good friends 

Friendship in a relationship 

The signs of friendship are the partners sensing each other's feelings and emotions, enjoying spending time together and making each other laugh. The partners act like best friends.

Where there is a lack of friendship and closeness, the partners get easily irritated with each other, they have totally different interests, and they are preoccupied with themselves rather than each other.

Trust, Positivity and Teamwork

Here are some things that you can both do to ensure that you feel and act like best friends in the relationship:

Explore with your partner your individual and joint dreams and goals.

Focus on your partner's positive attributes rather than trying to change them.

Look for ways to bring out the positive in your interactions, and try to say "yes" as often as possible to your partner.

Develop emotional closeness by reading and responding to your partner's feelings and emotions.

Increase your own and your partner's sense of well-being by expressing positive feelings and emotions to your partner.

Although it is important to tell your partner when you are unhappy, try to avoid replaying negative thoughts about your partner.

Watch this video by John Gottman about the importance of trust, friendship and teamwork in a relationship.



Relationships are Partnerships

Or watch this video by Dr Phil where he emphasizes that marriages are long term partnerships and it is important that you know your partner well and see your partner in different situations before you commit.