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relationship advice

Free Online Assessments

Find out more about yourself with our free online self-assessments and quizzes*

Find out more about your personality and personal qualities and skills using RelateBetter's free assessment quizzes.

You can can discover how good your relationship is compared to ther people's and check out whether you need to raise your game when it comes to dating.

We also have quizzes which will throw light on the religious and spiritual aspects of your personality.

If you have been feeling down in the dumps and are concerned about whether you may be suffering from depression, you might like to try our depression screening quiz.

Each quiz takes about 10-15 minutes and you will get a free personalized feedback report after you complete thge quiz.

Click on ones of the boxes below to start an assessment.

RDQ Relationship Diagnostic Questionnaire  DSQ Dating Skills Questionnaire   
Religious Quotient Questionnaire  SPQ32 Spiritual Personality Questionnaire   
MCQ Mood Change Questionnaire Big Five Personality Test App  
If you want to understand more about human personality, watch this video about the Big 5 personality traits.

*Please note that our free personality profile is an app for a smart phone that you download from Google play.