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How to flirt

Flirting skills in dating  

Flirting skills will help you get many dates and be popular. Flirting does not mean batting eyelashes or coming on too strong or dressing or acting provocatively.

Flirting is a subtle skill about projecting your personality and signaling your interest in a potential partner. You can do this by showing up unexpectedly, using eye contact, smiling and displaying affection using touch.

Flirting is about demonstrating that you are attractive and fun to be with.

Be a good conversationalist and a good listener and be warm and generous with your compliments. Find things to share with others and laugh about. Project your personality and remember--practice makes perfect.

Here are some basic dos and don'ts about how to flirt.

Keys to Flirting
Smile, smile, smile Come on heavy 
  Go after people you are attracted to   Act too provocatively
  Let people know you are interested   Send conflicting signals 
  Turn up unexpected   Miss opportunities to show interest
  Be attentive   Touch inappropriately
  Use touch sparingly   Tease if you aren’t serious


For more advice on how to flirt with girls, watch this short video by Kezia Noble.