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How to find a date

Finding a date  

Looking for a date is very much like looking for a job.

Dating, like job seeking, requires skills, energy and persistence. You need to be active online and you need to get out and about to meet new friends and find potential dates.

Don't stay at home waiting for the world to come to you.

There a large number of general and specialist dating websites to help you find dates. When you do online dating, you can protect your privacy by getting a new email address just for dating. Follow the rules of the site for describing yourself and uploading pictures.

If you are finding it hard to describe yourself, get a friend (ideally of the opposite sex) to help describe/sell you. Be honest about your height and weight.

Don't be afraid of rejection when you go online dating as rejection is perfectly normal. Only one or two out of ten approaches result in a response.

If you are a man, you need to know that you need to do the chasing. Women do not do the chasing online though there are mechanisms for them to show interest. 

Here are some ideas and suggestions about how to improve your chances of finding people to date.

Keys to Finding People to Date
Get out and about Expect for the world to come to you
  Use online dating sites as most people do   Wait to be asked out
  Accept invitations to go out   Do nothing
  Take up opportunities to make new friends   Be afraid of rejection
  Actively look for potential dating partners   Rely on only one or two methods
  Sell yourself in online profiles   Expect to find the perfect partner straightaway


Watch this video by Videojuglove dating about how to find a date online.