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Dating Advice

Dating etiquette

Dating etiquette  

Nothing terminates potential relationships faster than a Terminator approach.

Be aware and sensitive to your culture's dating etiquette.

Prepare for your date, dress up, arrive on time, be courteous and polite, keep the conversation light and positive, don't talk about failed romances, give your dating partner time to get to know you.

These are basic elements of dating etiquette that create solid friendships and will always stand you in good stead even if you don't hit it off romantically.

These are some basic dos and don'ts about dating etiquette.

Keys to Dating Etiquette
Dress up Turn up late
  Turn up on time   Forget to shower
  Organize the date in advance    Ignore your appearance
  Take things slowly   Forget to bring money
  Be polite and courteous   Be rude and insensitive
  Get to know your partner   Talk about your problems


For more advice on etiquette, sit back and laugh at this video where Borat interviews a professor of etiquette.


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