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Dating Advice

Improve your dating style and skills

Dating advice and dating skills  

When you are young, forming romantic relations is often effortless and spontaneous. Lots of people are single and you are all looking to form romantic relationships. As you get older, dating gets harder.

Your friends seem to be paired up, the world can seem to be full of couples and you seem to meet fewer potential partners. What was once effortless and spontaneous can seem daunting. You are not sure quite what to do to ask someone out nor where to go to find people to date. 

If you find yourself in this position, you are not alone. Watch this video by April Beyer where she talks about dating in your 30s.


The first thing to learn about dating is that in order to be successful, you need to have a degree of self-awareness and knowledge, attitudes and skills about how to form romantic relationships. We aim to help you improve your dating performance by raising your self-awareness and your knowledge and skills.

Romantic Ideals. Do you believe in romantic destiny and think that potential relationship partners are either meant for each other or not? Or do you believe that successful relationships grow over time, and that challenges in a relationship make lover stronger?  This will have a fundamental impact on how you approach and handle dates.

Personality Characteristics. Personality traits have a big impact on the way you date. For example, traits such as extraversion and empathy influence how you approach relationships, the types of relationships you prefer and how you come across to other people. Some of the online dating sites will identify potential partners for you through personality matching. 

Conversational Skills. The ability to hold a conversation is crucial in forming and sustaining a successful romantic relationship. Are you a good talker or a good listener and can you do both well. Watch this dating advice video for women where Matt Hussey talking about making conversation.


Dating Skills. There are also a whole bunch of other specific skill sets you need to be successful in different stages of dating--for example, finding dates, asking for a date, flirting and sexual intimacy.

Our scientifically researched and tested dating quiz is designed to help you develop your understanding of what these skills are, assess your current position against them and provide advice and tips to put you on the road to success.