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How to be a good conversationalist


When you meet someone for the first time, do you know how to engage them in conversation? Are you prepared to make the running or do you expect the other person to do most of the talking? If there is a lull in the conversation, do you know how to fill it or do you look away and feel uncomfortable?

The art of talking--for example, engaging in idle chat, communicating your feelings and emotions, saying nice things about the other person--is important in the dating game.

Remember that communication is the glue in a stable relationship and your ability to strike up and hold an interesting conversation will be a crucial factor in how you are assessed by people you date.

Here are some ideas and suggestions about how to improve your talking and listening skills.

Keys to Being a Good Conversationalist
Be prepared to initiate conversations Look bored or anxious
  Show interest in your date's life   Talk about yourself all the time
  Ask questions/invite your date to express their views and opinions   Interrogate your date
  Keep the conversation light and positive   Talk about your ex/previous relationships
  Show a sense of humor   Be negative or ask inappropriate questions
  Give your date positive feedback   Expect the other person to make the running


Watch this video by Flash Fontanelli with 10 dating advice conversation tips.