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relationship advice

Signs of a healthy relationship

Communicating well 

Importance of communication in a relationship 

Communication is the glue of a successful relationship. Good communication is apparent when the partners talk to each other regularly, they feel able to express their feelings and emotions, they listen to each other's problems and they give each other reassurance and positive feedback.

Where communication is poor, you find the partners ignoring each other's need for attention or bickering, criticizing each other, holding back or venting their feelings.

Watch this video by Michele Weiner-Davis about how to have constructive conversations.


Listen, Listen and Listen

Here are some things that you can try to ensure that you have constructive conversations and communicate well:

Initiate interactions and communications with your partner rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Set aside time to discuss the things you will be doing separately and together in the week.

In conversations, show that you are listening and care about what your partner is saying by turning towards your partner and giving them your full attention.

When you face problems or major decisions, give your partner the opportunity to express their views and feelings, and really listen to what they have to say.

Aim to be moderately assertive in the relationship pushing your views and ideas at times, and backing off at other times.

Maintain your level of interaction with your partner when you feeling stressed rather than cutting yourself off.

Watch this video by Michele Weiner-Davis with communication tips for women.