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relationship advice

Signs of a healthy relationship

Demonstrating your commitment to the relationship

commitment in a relationship 

The signs of commitment are being willing to work hard at the relationship, doing things to make your partner happy, and being prepared to compromise to make the relationship work.

Telling your partner regularly that you love him/her is a good signal of commitment.

In successful relationships, the partners have high expectations of each other and do not tolerate poor behavior from one another.

Vision, Effort and Initiative

Here are some things that you can both do to ensure that you feel committed to the relationship:

Develop a long-term, big picture view of what you want to achieve as a couple.

Make time for and put effort into creating and maintaining a good relationship and being there for one another.

Express your commitment by showing initiative, putting in extra effort when required, and demonstrating a sense of urgency etc.

Celebrate individual and joint accomplishments and milestones.

Maintain a work life balance and continually experiment in and improve all dimensions of your life--for example, work, home, community, and leisure.

Step back regularly and ask yourself how you are contributing to the relationship, and what you may need to do differently.

Watch this video by John Gottman about the things that demonstrate commitment and trust in a relationship.