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relationship advice

Signs of a healthy relationship

Showing that you are attracted to your partner

Importance of attraction in a relationship 

Physical attraction often brings people together initially but it is also important in keeping them together. Signs of mutual attraction are the partners feeling good in each other's company, fancying each other and admiring each other's positive qualities.

If one partner does not find the other sexy, recoils at the sight of the other in the nude or makes them feel inadequate, then there is an attraction failure.

Watch this video by Adam LoDoice talking about male behaviors that demonstrate attraction in the early stage of a relationship.


Be Nice, Make an Effort, Make Your Partner Laugh

Here are some things that you can do to demonstrate your attraction to your partner:

Show an interest in your partner and be nice to them.

Focus on the things in your partner that you find attractive and comment on them.

Make an effort to keep in shape and look good.

Tell your partner that you find them attractive/fancy them.

Say nice things about your partner's looks when they have dressed up.

Demonstrate a sense of humor and try to make your partner laugh.

Watch this SexEd documentary to get a comprehensive picture of the science of attraction.