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How to ask someone out


If you can't pluck up the courage to ask someone out, you will never know what might have happened.

It is possible that you may be lucky and find that the person you have set your heart on asks you out.

You may receive so many offers from others that you don't need to take the initiative yourself.

This is not, however, most people's experience. Don't let the possibility of being turned down stop you asking someone out.

It is perfectly normal to be afraid of rejection. Take the initiative. Other people are shy too. And if you do get rejected, don't treat it like some personal catastrophe--you have not shown yourself up nor made a fool of yourself. With practice and persistence, you will acquire confidence and skills that will help you succeed. 

Here are some ideas and suggestions about how to improve your chances of getting a positive response.

Keys to Asking Someone Out
Be prepared to ask people out Let the possibility of being turned down stop you trying
  Use your friends to check out availability    Wait for someone you are interested in to make the running
  Take a risk as other people are shy too   Let an opportunity slip by
  Go after people you are really attracted to   Think you are a failure if you get rejected
  Expect to get rejections   Let yourself get depressed if you are turned down
  Be patient and persistent   Wait for people to come to you


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