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How to be more approachable


How approachable you are is important in dating because it affects how quickly you make new friends. It also influences whether someone who is attracted to you feels able to engage with you.

If you are personable and approachable, you will draw people to you. If you are pleasant and good-natured and welcoming, there is a good chance that you will be asked out.

A potential partner will recognize that you will introduce them to a new social circle and that you will be fun to be with. Of course, you may be the type who prefers to be with a few close friends rather than surrounded by lots of people.

Whatever your personality, it helps in dating to project a warm friendly image. Here are some ideas about things to do and things not to do.

Keys to Being Approachable
  Smile, smile, smile   Fail to respond to people 
  Acknowledge people you know   Ignore people you know
  Introduce yourself to people you don't know   Stay away from social events
  Ask about after people's well being   Wait for people to approach you 
  Take time to chat to people   Fail to show interest in other people
  Enlarge your social network   Hide yourself away


Need more advice? Watch this video by TMI Weekly which has three popular bloggers discussing how you could make yourself more approachable.